Showing ammo left in the hud

PLEASE make it so the hud always displays how much ammo you have left in your mags, an exact round count would be awesome but at least would be nice to see if the mags low.

Insurgency is known for its minimal HUD, so it’s extremely unlikely this will happen. Especially considering you can check your mags by holding “r” (or whatever your reload button is).

My advice as a competitive Insurgency player is to try to count your bullets so you have a decent estimate of how many enemies you can engage, and when you’re in a safe place between engagements, perform a mag check (unless you know you’re low because you’ve engaged 2-3 enemies in which case you should probably reload).

I disagree. One of the draws of Ins is its attempt at realism. You don't get round counts, can't tell exactly how much ammo is in a mag, can't keep reloading and always have full mags, etc. like in the real world. There's no reason why it should be here if the goal is realism.

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@cephalic The HUD technically lets you see how many rounds you have left literally if you're armed with shotguns or bolt-action rifles.

I don't agree with having an exact number of ammo left in a magazine loaded into a weapon in the current HUD. I don't even agree fully on the current HUD design with its general graphic of showing off how much ammo in the magazine right now, loaded and unloaded. I've made a suggetsion post during the BETA1 forums that argued that the HUD should revert back to the HUD from INS, where the HUD should only show off how many magazines you have for most weapons. People who have played INS Modern Infantry Combat, INS, and DOI didn't have any idea of how much ammo they have left in their magazines, but players have still played well for a numerious amount of matches for hours at a time.

I believe showing off the exact amount of ammo in a current magazine will make INS:S way easier than it should for a NWI game. I can understand and agree why NWI has decided to show a generalized idea of how much ammo is left in the magazine for the speed reload mechanic, but having a clear idea of how much ammo is in a magazine will make INS:S into something too casual than it should.

I'll admit, knowing when to reload takes time to learn. I've played both INS and DOI for a total of 700 hrs, and with my interest in firearms outside of those games, I sort of know when's an appropriate time when to reload with the weapons in both of those games. It takes time, but it's way better than depending too much on the HUD. Kind of like "using the Force".

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@cjslice I actually hate that it shows you how much of the mag is depleted and that for shotguns and bolt action it counts rounds. I think it should only tell you how many mags you have. This isn't cod.

If they really want to keep the little meter of how filled the mag is, then I think holding R (to check ammo) should cause the player to remove his mag and inspect it, then reinsert it. Checking how much ammo you have should be harder and penalized more.

Realistically, you could probably tell about how much ammo is in a mag by its weight in your hand, but the best estimates you would make would be like full, half full, almost empty.