Considering this is a tactical shooter it should be up to me whether or not I start screaming like a maniac betraying my position to all nearby. It should be a decision, as with everything else. Currently if you're reloading, last person alive, and so on your character will just start being a spastic.

Essentially this feeds information to another player, normally if I'd hit my reload key and told my nearby teammates I'm reloading, I decided to make that noise and decided to use voice chat, I made a risk vs reward type decision and created an opportunity for my opponent to get information they can use to influence the game, this is the heart of tactical shooters in a nutshell. As it stands the game is feeding exact position information as well as whether or not I have any bullets in my gun straight to my opponents and I have zero input in that decision making process. This is not good, it detracts from an otherwise great game.

Also while we're here is there going to be an option to disable fire support? Similar to no awp servers in CS for example, I can't understand why you added indirect fire but whatever that's your call.