The Xbox one x version of mudrunner is the worst I have played ( I have PS4/pro and PC version which are all much better.
First off the motion blur is so heavy that the game cannot be enjoyed because the mud goes really blurry as soon as your moving at any speed. ( The other version's do not suffer from this)
Second is the frame-rate drops that happen almost every 30 second's or less not to mention it's just inconsistent all round, the other version's also don't suffer from this.
Third is the washed out graphics, the only thing that looks good on the Xbox one d is the vehicle models but even they look slightly washed out.
Even the pop are seem worse on the Xbox one x.

So I don't know how it has been optimized so bad for the X but my question is why aren't you addressing the matter? I have had not received a reply Everytime I have brang this matter up an I would rather 1080p an smooth gameplay with no horrible motion blur than 4k an a unsmooth gameplay.
Please respond.