auto lean a little broken

game is great but i noticed sometimes with the auto lean it will lean and then i unaim and aim again without moving and it wont lean, then i have to move or use "e" or "q".

Just get in the habit of using Q and E. No matter how much time the developers waste polishing auto lean, it will never be applicable in every situation you would (or wouldn't) want to lean.

I relied on auto-lean because it's a bit hard to hit Q when that finger's on A, and vice versa. In the end, I inverted the lean keys. Took a couple days to get used to.

I also experienced that auto-lean is not optimal.
I think it´s mainly designed for people who play just occasionally or with a gamepad, etc.

For leaning I am using my programmable mouse sidebuttons.
It´s much easier to access lean function with my thump ( side-mouse-buttons ) instead of keyboard keys.

There are a lot of mice out there on the market and i tested a lot of them in different computer hardware stores.
The most versatile mouse for me is the Razer Naga.

  • It has very well ergonomics
  • It is very precise
  • has 6 programmable sidebuttons for the thump which are really comfortable and quickly to press
  • beautifull illumination in red

-The only negative is that it is designed only for right-handed people

@heyimjoel just use manual aim its better trust