customization level points

I think rn getting only a 100 points per level up is not in a good place thats way to many man hours for anyone to put in that wants to customize stuff considering it costs 1200 for a lot of things and 600 for a lot also on average I level up every hour and a hlaf or so, so thats 18 hours to get 1200 points thats crazy you should either double the points given or reduce the price of things.

What they should include is like a challenge reward system. For example; Get Three Headshots in a row... 120 points, Kill 20 Enemy's with Handguns Only... 110 points, Kill two Enemy's with a Grenade while they're capturing an Objective... 100 points. Reward players for various challenges completed and keep it daily to provide a benefit and amusement for doing them.

But for each level you also get a random reward in addition to 100 points. Either way I do think its a bit low, takes a lot of games to purchase anything especially since xp requirements for levels increase as you progress.