This is temporary right? Insurgent fuel truck on Canyon Skirmish.

I just saw this clip here
and saw the concrete cover to obviously protect the fuel truck from across map rockets.
This honestly looks ridiculous.

Will you be changing this in future updates?
In any case, the fuel truck - the final objective, should be more detailed and interesting to attack rather than just placed on the side of the road.

Ya that does look really ridiculous, hopefully they just make a little garage for the future.

can't you just shoot 2 rpgs behind the cover and still kill it with splash damage from the same distance you could with a direct hit before?

There are a lot of stupid placement choices when it comes to the trucks. On Summit, the Insurgent's truck has it's butt sticking out into the street, when it could easily pull up a few more feet.

On that same map, the Security truck is parked in a spot that makes it visible from 4 angles (more if you don't count the arbitrary out of bounds zones). I honestly wish they'd move the security truck back and use more of the city for that gamemode. Like half the map is totally unused.

On Crossing, even the Security truck is easily killed by flankers from B. Just go into the top of the building against the cliff face, and you can see the butt of the truck sticking out from behind the cement wall, you can hit it with a rocket from there.