Improve Scope Perspective

I'd really like to see an improved scope perspective in this game. Seeing as the game has been pushed back to a December release I thought I may as well ask.

Most first person shooter games still don't do scoped perspectives correctly. A lot of the time they just zoom in losing your field of view and now you have a big chunky scope in your face. Others actually show both the optics magnification and keep your eyes original field of view at the same time (This game for example). This game is pretty close but unfortunately you still end up having a massive chunky scope in your face. e.g.


The above image gives the impression that you have your cheek placed on the action of the firearm instead of the intended spot, the stock. The optic is just far too close to your eye. You should also have far more field of view, especially when using low magnification optics such as this one (x4)


A better scope perspective should almost show the exact same thing as the iron sight perspective, with the addition of an optic of course. You should be seeing the back of your bolt/action and even the stock itself. Your heads always placed on the rear of the stock, the addition of an optic just means you're going to move you're head slightly forward or backwards depending on your set up and eye relief of the scope. (we're talking a minimal amount, cm's not inches)

Anyone who's done a bit of shooting with a scoped firearm knows what I'm talking about. For those that don't I've gone ahead and taken a couple photos to show you what I'm getting at.


This is a rem700 with a 6-18x Leupold. The above image is on it's lowest magnification (6). You can clearly see from this perspective that your head is on the stock and not right up in front of the scope. Look at the amount of field of view I have compared to the 4x optic in the game from above. This is what i don't like about the in game scope perspective, the lower the magnification the more eye relief you have, meaning distance between your eye to the scope. (More field of view).

Regardless of this being different firearms and different scopes the same rules apply.
In the last photo the magnification is increased to 18. My head moves less than an inch up the stock with the increase so I have a full scope picture, it's almost the exact same amount of field of view as the photo before because my head remains on the stock and NOT on the action.


Field of view is too important in a close quarters game such as this that boasts great house to house action and medium range action. But I find while optics are taking up half of your screen, iron sights are far superior even at medium ranges and that shouldn't be the case.

EDIT: Here's a few more screen shots to show you how strange the scope perspective is.


In the above photo you can see the dot sight positioned between the rear and front iron sights (Rear Iron sight is the one closest to your face, front is the blade/post at the end of the barrel)
Now compare this to the sight picture when aiming.


Your head is no longer placed on the stock, you can't even see the rear iron sight anymore. As the optics magnification increases so does the loss of field of view and there really should be minimal difference between a set 1x and 4x.

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Totally agree. To add on, all reflex sights should have the sight chassis made more transparent. When looking through reflex sights, the user should look through them with both eyes open. The shooter would barely see the actual construction of the scope there would only be the illuminated reticle hovering in space. This is impossible to replicate with a camera as it has only one lens, and human vision is binocular. It can, however be simulated simply by reducing the opacity of the construction of the scope. Barely any games do this, but its realistic and doesn't diminish your field of view. A big reason no one uses the holo is because the rather large body of the scope clouds out a lot of your view in games, when in reality it would be barely noticeable.

Kind of like this:


Oh man it's good to see someone else agrees. Yeah unfortunately what I've written about above rolls over to the simple reflex/dot sights as well. Even if they didn't (couldn't replicate) do the transparency of the optic they need to consider making them smaller on screen. When aiming with iron sights in this game, you shoulder the firearm bringing the stock up to your head (Perfect). But as soon as you attach an optic, you shoulder the firearm by bringing the scope up to your head, it's just bizarre.

I still enjoy the game and it isn't a game breaker as almost every single game out there still does this. The only game off the top of my head that does a really decent job of scope perspectives is that 'Escape from Tarkov'. I'd just like to see more games doing it.

Yea, i'd love to be able to use the "high" quality option for the game, but the huge loss of field-of-vision just makes me go back to "low" every time.