Favorite gun

G3 with the long barrel. 1 shot kill, ALWAYS, if you hit center mass. Arms, or below the knee cap require two. I've tested this with the AI frozen, and it works every damn time. I love it. Makes me feel like i'm playing the first Insurgency again. It's a freaking 7.62x51mm round, so it SHOULD be a 1 shot kill. The points are nice and low, it allows for heavy carrier, heavy armor, and 3 molotovs/frags. It's a beast of a loadout and i love it.

I don't believe the AI share the same health/damage model as a player, so be wary.

Also a 7.62 shot to heavy armor should not puncture. Maybe a 5.56 round or an 7.62 AP.

Yea It's kind of funny. All the worst guns in the game have the highest point cost.

They should make all the rifles be as effective as the g3.

@thehappybub nononononononononono its insurgency. armor is meant to do nothing except eat noobs credits. fucking 3 shot kill my arse. Otherwise, I like the M16A4 - seems to kill fast, M4 is good. Terrorist guns don't compare ATM

Mk17 (2xholo+long barrel+laser) and m9, my favorite load-out, in both pve and pvp.

My favorite so far is actually the Security Breacher's MP7.