Introduce a Special Security Enemy-Type in Co-Op (Please Add)

The Insurgent Faction side in Co-Op has their Suicide Bombers which made playing Co-Op WAY more interesting.

For playing against the Security Faction, there's no special enemy to worry about when playing as the Insurgent faction. Sure the Security faction has their Gunship and Minigun Helicopter Support, but with the ground soldiers, they are all normal foot grunts.

I have some ideas for special class enemies for the Security Faction in Co-Op (mostly based off of PAYDAY2):
RIOT CONTROL (Riot Shield wielder with a Pistol as their only weapon. Can charge and knock down allies with two hits)
TASER SPECIALIST (Has a taser to shock allies stopping them in their tracks. Enemies can take advantage of tased allies by shooting at them. Being tased will be in a short instance)
MEDIC (Can revive a few downed enemies)
JUGGERNAUT (Full Body Armor using a Machinegun)
SPEC OPS (Based off of INS's VIP/Black Security where they use silenced highly-modified weapons and flank more)
SCOUT (Only uses pistols, but moves and shoots faster)

I don't really have that many original ideas for special enemy types for the Security faction, but these ideas would be a start

Suicide bombers should be able to sprint by the way.

Tbh the only one I like of your options is the "juggernaut" i.e. put a guy in heavier armor than heavy armor, bc its honestly the only realistic one.

No one uses riot shields unless its SWAT. Taser specialist??? Reviving the dead still isn't a thing. Spec ops will prolly be included in a hunt-style or survival style game mode. Scout is just Marksman class.

@thehappybub Remember I mentioned that these suggestions are based off of PAYDAY2's special enemies. They're not my own ideas, but it's meant to start a conversation thinking up a better idea.

I really don't know what would be the NWI equivelant of special enemies for a Western mercenary company operating in the Middle East.

I would argue that riot shields isn't exclusive to SWAT forces. Like weapons, riot shields are made and sold by many companies being sold to almost every developed country with a basic police force. A mercenary company can order some; they are such things as a mercenary company that performs police work. For example: South Africa's situation with law enforcement sucks so much that there are various private military companies that offer police services for neighborhoods.

Okay, I honestly didn't like thinking up the name "Taser Specialist". I just don't know what to name a class that specializes using tasers.

Yes, actual combat medics can't revive the dead, but INS:S, as realistic NWI want to go for, is still not realistic at all. Seeing a HUD at all, ammo count, convenient ammo caches on spawn points, respawning playing as the same solider, infinite running, Insurgents speaking English for some reason, and other stuff are all possible in the game, so why not have combat medics able to revive downed Security enemies in Co-Op.

Spec Ops can also help out with defense. It's not like they're actual government-owned military, so they can be free to be assigned in whatever mission the mercenary company orders.

The Scout idea is slightly based off of the actual Scout class from TF2. Could make Co-Op games a little more interesting to have a fast soldier class acting like a harrasser of the Insurgent side.

@ziggylata Don't they do? I'm guessing they do, but I guess NWI made their running speed slow.

@BlueMouse I didn't notice the Payday reference. I also didn't mean for you to try to like defend the ideas. I don't like these specific ones, but I totally agree that the security forces should have some kind of special unit when playing against them in local play.

I like the idea of a special enemy for security bots, but I'm also not very keep on any of those options.

Shields are dumb, please don't ever add shields to Insurgency, we don't need this to turn into R6: Siege and perpetuate the myth that ballistic shields that are impervious to bullets are actually a thing.

The dude in super heavy armor with a machine gun trope is also total myth. It doesn't happen in real life.

What about a sniper? A bot that would spawn apart from the normal waves, stay in one place watching a lane of fire, and take accurate long range shots? Right now the AI snipers just kinda run around with all the other bots and don't behave much differently.

Probs spec ops unit. Also maybe some kind of elite tactical breaching team if you are camping in buildings / defending captured objective. They'd kick down and throw flash bangs then smoke in with gas marks and laser sights.

I could see a guy in like a type IV vest be kinda like the juggernaut op mentions. You'd have to land a headshot or really unload on the guy to kill him.