Overtime / Tie in Firefight gamemode

Why did you add the Overtime/Tie of a round to Firefight gamemode?
If you do so, make it best of 7 atleast. A Firefightmatch needs a winner, a winner per round and a winner per match.
In my opinion there is no problem in letting a FF-round end in holding the majority of objectives after the time is out. That forces the "losing team" to contest/capture objectives.
A Tie in a round does make the whole Firefight system worthless/useless in my eyes.

Hm, did anything change in a recent patch? Or maybe you are talking in general about overtime :D.

I would assume that a tie can only happen if no team ever captures B, but maybe that is not the case?

The overtime/tie system is definitely is an excitement killer.

It does fix stalemates but I think the team that has the majority of the objective should win. Otherwise it helps the losing team because they can just force a draw by stalling.

Isn't it like that now though? The team with most objectives when time runs out, or have all three objectives uncontested at some point, wins?

The overtime I think makes sense so that when the time runs out you instead try to go for the objective rather than search for enemies in hopes to kill the entire enemy team.