Remove IED from Firefight

What the title says, plz remove such matchbreaking Explosives from non-wave based gamemodes.

Can you at least explain why you want something rediculous?

How is it matchbreaking? If anything RPGs are matchbreaking ...

@thehappybub said in Remove IED from Firefight:

How is it matchbreaking? If anything RPGs are matchbreaking ...

It is totally right all explosives except for grenades should be banned from Firefight.

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Can you at least explain why you want something rediculous?

Because of possible:
exitcamp, objectivecamp, rpg prefire into exits/lanespam etc.

I think it should be either removed all reworked. What I'm seeing is people put their ied/c4 on their objective at the start of the match, and when it starts blinking they detonate. This is not gameplay.

Potential Solution:

  • You have to be within a certain range to detonate.

That said, I've seen it be put to good use being thrown over high walls. I don't know how to feel about it being used as a room clearer when attacking objectives though.


This intended purpose of an IED / c4 is for room clearing. Hence why its been given to the “BREACHER” - breach, toss, click, everyone move in. If anything I feel the radius needs a buff.

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C4 is meant for demolition not room clearing. An IED is just an IED so it could have various uses, though in the game its more of a demolition thing too.

@thehappybub - I honestly can't tell if you're trolling....or if this concept seriously eludes you.

I don't think they should remove explosives from versus, I'm just saying that you don't clear rooms with C4, that's absolutely not its purpose. Given that the game does its best to replicate realism, no one goes around throwing C4 into rooms, it would bring the whole building down on top of everyone. It's use is to blow up technicals, caches, building demolition.

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Noone asks for removing c4/IED from versus. I was asking for removing it from Firefight gamemode, since you got no respawnwaves there. Easy as that.

I dont care about realism or kids that dont get how firefight generally works, it just breaks the gameplay when there is people dropping c4 in the obj or at spawnexits in non-wavebased gamemodes. fact.

You can just pick it up and put it somewhere else, you know.

@mr-pink In Ambush back in Ins2014, the only lethal explosives you could equip were frag grenades and molotovs. Would make sense for Firefight imo.