First off id like to start by saying the game has been fantastic so far, its got a few issues here and there that generally relate to overall optimization. But I feel a few things are being overlooked

1st, Adding more Audio options

  • Nothing is more annoying when trying to understand someone in-game or in Discord, but the in-game Character audio/radio chatter is so damn loud that you cant hear yourself think. Adding a radio Audio volume function for the preset audio lines would be fantastic. Killing my in-game audio volume to hear my buddies sucks because I'm drowning out the environment around me and missing potential sounds that could save my butt.

2nd, Random character yelling

  • The immersive nature is awesome where you have a living combat environment with dynamic character reactions to the world around them. Hearing things like "SNIPER!" before hearing the clap of a rifle take someone out is awesome.
    Whats NOT so awesome is being alone, and nowhere near any friendlies where it would even matter to be screaming. You need to reload before breaching a building, you've got an awesome flank ready. Then it happens... your Stupid character, 40 meters away from the closest friend decides to scream "COVER MEEE, IM RELOADINGGGGG!!!" at about the same decibel as a jet taking off.

3rd, Unrealistic balance issue?

  • I get that this game is from the aspect that its primarily Afghan Security forces fighting Insurgents with the assistance of American "advisors". But why on earth does a mountain man have the economic ability to kit out the strongest assault rifle (AK) with a Scope, grip,extended mag & still have the leftover points for a Heavy rig and ammo carrier.
    But the security forces barely make it with enough pts to get a good scope, and have to budget between a sidearm or a gas-mask while sacrificing armor and ammo? I get theirs some game design reasons for this, but theirs no reason I should dread being on the security forces.

4th, Voice variation & confusion?

  • The Security force males have VERY similar voices to the Insurgents. And like I said with my 2nd listed point.
    all I hear is people from both sides yelling. Its literally a death sentence to have any other voice type (American SF or Female Security) you will be picked out over the crowd by nearby insurgents while your allies are confused as the Close quarters combat situation just turned in the insurgents favor drastically. They have a bearing on you and you're still trying to figure out which dude yelling on the other Side of the wall is a friendly or not. lowering the Pitch of the voice for one side might help?

Its a few things but I feel they are heavily overlooked.