I was playing coop today, and I realized that there was probably a way to turn the hud off. In most games I like the idea of having no hud, so I went off in search of the setting. After finding it, and enabling it, I found that it was very difficult to continue playing the game. Not only was it difficult to find the objectives, but it was also difficult to tell how much ammo I had (even with an ammo check) and hard to tell when there was a counterattack (especially if your music sound is down). I was just hoping that one day there might be more in-depth settings on the hud. I understand playing with no hud is difficult, but I guess that wasn't quite what I wanted. Good hud settings might be:

  • list itemChangeable sizes of hud icons
  • hud icon opacity settings
  • possibly a visual of looking to see if there are rounds in the magazine
  • changeable colors for icons

First post here, I'll continue to post on anything else I might like. Love the game though guys, favorite game in past few years.