New Cache Rigging System

This new system would ensure people get credit and there will be no excuse for throwing explosives on people other than to be an ass.
What if NWI did a chain rigging where the click goes to the "last person to "FINISH" rigging. Player A, B, C
player A begins rigging the cache. Player B realizes it and joins and begins rigging. The clacker then goes to player B. Since A started it and once finished will have only placed explosives. Player B can set it off once he/she finishes rigging. Player C walks into the room wants to get credit and begins rigging after player A and B were walking out of the room. Player C finishes and sets it off on himself he would have been the last to rig.

If a person with clacker dies the chain works backward until someone new rigs it.

This might sound like a long process but in reality, it would be very short.

I don't have the answers or the solution but I do know and see that in coop the current way of blowing up a weapon cache as an objective is flawed. So I agree with you on that. Since we have this new rigging system I've seen in coop:

  • not 1 but two (or even more) players holding the Use key on a cache trying to get those easy points;

  • players running to the next cache the whole round just to be first and get all the points (while completely ignoring enemies and teamplay), problem is even worse now because an info box pops up showing the next obj should be capped or blown up ... in other words: players now know exactly when to run or not. lol

  • players fighting with each other over getting teamkilled while rigging a cache (or feeling all entitled "Hey, I was here 1 second before you and already working on the cache (holding the use key) those points are mine alone, why u threw that molly you teamkiller!?" (exaggerated but that's what it comes down to)

  • demolition class not being as useful as they could have been (less seperation of roles / everyone can do it now by simply holding the use key)

  • and maybe it''s just me but I actually liked how it was in Ins2014 where a player had to backtrack to search for an explosive (which was not hard) plus, why should winning a round or objective be easy? What's more, while this player is searching for an explosive to blow up a cache he should encounter newly spawned enemies who will try to prevent this, their cache is important to them! So make it really worthwhile and a heroic accomplishment when the player succeeds for the team ... and since every player gets more XP in Sandstorm when the team wins most people would let him try do this, at least for a little while if he knows wtf he is doing. If he doesn't they can always still vote for the next round to start. (I'm assuming a voting system like this will be in the final game).

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I think the whole team should get points for blowing a cache equally unless a player is currently dead and spectating.