LMGS are far too overpowered I have been in many many engagements in cqb and medium to long range and I have never been killed so many times by a weapon even despite the fact that I saw the target first and fired first. I have been randomly sprayed through walls so many times it is ridiculous. At this point using anything besides LMGS is so infuriating. Unless I am playing the game 100% defensively it is nearly impossible to succeed. I tend to find that defensive play is the best way to combat LMGS because of their slow speed but even then it is not a guarantee because of their raw power.

They are fine, lmgs already have high recoils even with bipod. Should increase their ads time though.

Im not sure what youre asking, though. Youve just stated big guns are more powerful and thats basically a true statement, the negatives of an LMG come from around the gun like the incredible weight and intense recoil. I think the LMGs could do without a compensator, I think the compensator is a little too good, but thats just my opinion.

@deadpool0717 Yes, I think their ability for CQB due to low ADS time, and not much affect from weight, kind of makes them weird version of an assault rifle with larger mags,

I have discussed this in another post before if you want to check it out.

@io543 sorry for off topic but is there an M16A2 (not the A4) available for Security? Atleast in the Demo class?

Agreed, I'm guilty of this as well .... I mean, in coop when I pick the Gunner class I just use the M249 as a Super Assault gun, no quick reloads needed, moving around with it still feels quick, going ADS is fast and I just spray at sudden encounters, on bipod it's laser accurate (just fire short bursts) and even full auto works pretty good (the long scream when firing at full-auto is awesome tho, don't ever change that!) ... in its current implementation there are almost no negatives to using an LMG. In coop the LMG player often ends up as the one on top and with the most kills because it's so OP! The Gunner class is supposed to be a Supporting role but currently it's more like a Super Assault class. no lol.

Also, (but unrelated to this problem) it doesn't help that the bots in coop almost always announce their presence first (by screaming something) before shooting you. Easy kills.

Having said this ... in the last live stream Mikee said they were looking at nerfing the M249 because they also think it's too strong so that's good news!

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