Damage effects and suppression effects

Theres a lot of discussion over TTK and stuff like that and AP ammo and how this all worked in Insurgency Source, I have my opinion but perhaps theres way to increase the effectiveness of lower TTK weapons without simply raising it up.

Most low TTK weapons are lower calliber and most of them have reasonably low recoil (if not that should be addressed), but the issue is still there. In my opinion, being shot at and actually getting hit should be a radically harsher effect that stops you from properly aiming. At first glance I can already see some worry but in the end I feel this would be an overall positive change, if you cant shrug off or ignore shots flying at you (or into you), itll encourage the player to play slower without actually slowing him down. Lots of people have also been discussing the time it takes to aim down sights and how fast you can move, perhaps a proper suppression or punish for being shot would suffice. This would definitely make pistols more useful as well because someone on the recieving end would have a hard time landing a shot on you while you blast him with [b]5 9mm shots in the chest of his armor[/b]. Furthermore, I feel when I actually get shot its just not punishing. It becomes “who can land the killing blow first” when in actuality it shouldve been me who lost because I got shot first, but if the bullet didnt kill me I still have options and I feel rushing out a perfectly aimed shot shouldnt be one. Im not saying to disable the person whos shot but im saying it should be MUCH harder to shoot.

As always, this is my opinion so give your thoughts, thanks for reading.

Sorry for the bump but I feel this is quite important.

Honestly the amount of effect on the person getting hit would vary a lot depending on caliber, armor, and location hit. If you got hit in even a light vest with a 9mm it wouldn't really throw your aim off … you can take a bunch of hits like that, it might leave a bruise.

I don't know how it works in the game, but armor shouldn't like lower damage received from getting hit, it should either not do anything if you get hit in the limbs/head, or completely negate the hit if it hits the armor. Similarly 7.62 rifle rounds should virtually ignore light armor.

I do agree with you that rifle hits should have more of a staggering effect of some sort though.