primary guns won't render when spawned after joining game

my primary gun wont render on first spawn , i dont have much info on it as its random

my guns are always missing when I first spawn lol takes 5 mins sometimes for them to appear

Same in here to,, and when spawning on the truck, other player rendered slow, the vest first, then body, hair, head

@mightyno198 @syks01 @b12345oft

I'm going out on a limb and assume you're all probably running Sandstorm off of a hard disk drive.

Now, normally nothing would be wrong with that, but as your Textures quality gets higher goddamn it takes ages to load in. It even took me like a solid minute to join a server. Recently, though, I've installed an SSD and put Sandstorm on it and now it runs almost flawlessly, with some exceptions Summit.

its normal, this game has a terrible way of pulling files needed for rendering. I got a sick as hell 8k with no gun once, PKM spray down and enemies with terrible aim lol.