Hello? am I in the right place?

Hello. I am looking for the Battlefleet Gothic armada forum.

I noticed another one but it was completely locked.... Now I am unsure where I am!

Edit: I wanted to ask a few questions as I am stuck in BGA's campaign

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Hi there!

Yes, this is the correct place for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. How can we help?

Ah good.
Guess I'll just ask my most pressing question here and later if I have more I''ll ask in another section more appropriate.

So... I am in the campaign and... well this probably is a spoiler for those who haven't finished it... but I have reached the point where the warp storm is raging and the exterminatus is going about blowing up planets.
I kinda get a vibe that this is going to be the rest of the campaign untill I utterly lose... or does the warp storm eventually end and I win the game in some way?

TLDR: A simple "yea the campaign cannot be won" or a "no the campaign can be won" is what I am asking

It can be won, but you will lose planets most likely.

Ah thanks.

I can afford to lose a few worlds... I think...

I think I didn't lose a single world completely on medium difficulty, save for those you will lose because of the story and the cutscenes. To lose one or two isn't that bad, but you are playing the God-Emperor damned Imperial Navy, you serve and protect the Imperium and to lose worlds is to fail in the service to the allmighty God-Emperor! And now get out there and save those poor souls, Admiral!