I find myself liking the new layout for selecting roles. I like not being forced into a squad because of role selection. However I do miss the squads and the unique color markers, usually, featured above your squad mates. I also miss the unique color for my online steam friends, such as the one featured in the Red Orchestra series. So I thought up an idea for how to implement squads without changing how class selection is done and at least would like to get the conversation started.

    Essentially you would just have a optional top down menu located somewhere in the the class selection and deploy menu. You can click and select, we'll say, Squads 1-10. Anyone can join a squad, there is no specific squad limit and you get a unique colored markers for those individuals. By no means do you have to select a squad but the benefit of a unique mark for certain players becomes an option and the only benefit.

I find it mildly frustrating trying to link up with friends within a match. All we see are identical blue markers and sometimes they follow the wrong momma duck. This could potentially help drive more effective squad play and overall team Objective success. The Commander can now deliver goals and split the offensive in a coordinated attack (If they choose). The other benefit is single party players who want to link up easier with competent teammates/Mic'd teammates when one finds themselves frustrated with campers, scrubs, etc.

Just an idea. I like not being forced into squads for roles but it would be nice even if it was just unique friend markers. Looking forward for thoughts and maybe other takes on introducing squads.