Bugs and impressions I have found in 40 hours of gameplay

The respawn on farmhouse, after capturing the A point on PvE as insurgents is really bad. A lot of times I've seen people respawning right in front of the enemy and dying. It also happend to me. Once, the enemy was right behind the spawn

In the map Crossing, I've noticed that on PvE , when the truck with .50 (tecnical) spawn for us as insurgents, (in the large street near the gas station) and someone starts shooting with the weapon (when we need to capture F point) , the sound of it seems to be stuck to its spawn , and not on the exact location of the tecnical, no matter where it is.

I have controllers plugged in , but I obviosly use mouse and keybord to play; however, when I am choosing class and loudout, the game keeps thinking I am using controller. This is annoying because I can't deploy without having to press "X" on my controller.

Supressed weapons sounds way more quieter than they should be IMO; sometimes enemies shoot 25m away from me and I really can't tell where are they coming from; the only sound I can hear is the bullet impacts. I get it that is supposed to be quiet but you should be able to listen to the bullet coming out of the barrel when close to the enemy.

I really think that the footsteps are really quiet in this game. I get that you in a war and is really hard to pinpoint where the enemy is by its footsteps alone when hell is going down. However, a lot of times I play PvE with only 2 people and most of the times everything is quiet, and I still can't hear the enemy footsteps coming from behind me even when paying some attention to my surroundings.

Still regarding footsteps, I think the sound of it is a bit ugly and should be better to get in line with the rest of the sounds of the game.

Hit Reg still is off sometimes (at least on PvE)

I feel like the reward you win for levelling up is a bit off. After hitting higher levels, you take way more time to level up, but the reward is still the same: 100 gold, which is not a lot if you want to get higher customization gear. I think that the reward should be a bit higher when levelling up , instead of giving me 100 gold and some clothes, rewarding players for their dedication.

Sometimes the zoom optics of teamates when spectating is completly black

I've noticed that on the Insurgent side the M16 does not have any optics besides the 3x. Besides there is 2 options of foregrips that basically is the same , only changing the collor if it. Was that intentional? Seems a bit pointless IMO

There is no water sounds ( the ambience sound of the water )

I've noticed that, when looking arround with my weapon without aiming it, the weapon naturally moves its position to where I am looking at, which I really like. However, most of the times the weapons teleports it back to its original position, everytime I freelook. This is really annoying because this can mess the hipfire accuracy

Sometimes there is no sound of the weapon reload at all

The Holographic sight seems very bright and big IMO

There is a LOT of stutter when in the first 10 seconds of game (playing in an SSD sansung, i7 8700k , GTX 1060GB , 16GBs ram ddr4 )

People's body sometimes get stuck in a wall and start shaking a lot. There is also instances that their head will start moving back and fourth like they are hearing some cool music or something.

The movement of the grasses at the main menu seems really odd. It feels like the building is moving at the grass is standing still

There is more things but I really can't remember right now, will update this post when I remember more things

PLS developers read this post

Guys if you agree with something, disagree post it

How do you free look??

what i mean by free look is when you are not aiming down sights.

Its when you are looking arround and the weapon moves towards where you looking.

The bug that happens is that everytime the weapon teleports it back to its original position

Hi there!

The sound bug with the technical car's machinegun also happens in versus (pvp) mode.
I had it once, and another player also confirmed it on chat in that same match.

I also tend to have the black scope in spectator mode bug.

@alex_zanarde This is a pretty solid list. As for the M16A2, the only viable scopes to mount should be a 3x A2 and a 4x ACOG. You might need to be a certain class the use the ACOG or something. That's intentional because the carry handle is fixed to the rifle.

Thanks for the awnser and post guys

I will keep updating this when I remember or encouter more bugs

Sometimes I still lose connection to the server

I think it would be nice to have an option to adjust the brightness of the HUD; make the objective points less bright, or brighter.

We need an audio option for the volume of the characters voices.

Sometimes the vaulting bugs, and my character teleports back instead of going forward

My character does not have a shadow

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