Remove 'Greased Bolt'

Please think about removing the 'greased bolt' as an option for the sniper. I laughed when I first saw this as an accessory.
At 3 points it's really steep for the little it does! Honestly any firearm regardless of it being used for combat or recreational shooting is going to be lubricated, unless the owner is of course a silly billy.

Lubrication is for protection against the elements out in the field not so I can cycle my bolt a bit faster. If I want to cycle a round into the chamber faster guess what, I'll cycle the round into the chamber faster!

Surely you guys can think of better Sniper options.


  • Ghillie suit - 4-5 points. For general camouflage
  • Binoculars - 2-3p. For marking possible fire support positions the Commander can use. Snipers/marksman often find themselves in high places..
  • Stock Cartridge Holder (ammo pouch) - 2p - Again just another thing that seems like a simple no brainer. Most snipers are going to have this or something similar on their stock to decrease their reload time after emptying the magazine and remaining as still as possible while doing it.

I would really like to see that stock cartridge holder make it into the game for both Sniper rifles and shotguns.

If the greased bolt attachment is removed (which I'd prefer doesn't happen), the greased bolt speed needs to be the new default cycling speed. Bolt-action rifles are already outclassed for pretty much every engagement in this game; they don't need another nerf.

I play without the greased bolt just fine. If you had read the entire post you should be able understand I'm asking for better options to improve the class, not 'another nerf'. Have you actually compared the difference in speed without it, the greased bolt for 3 points is negligible. I'd much prefer an accessory that increased the reload time.

@Sharpeyehodgey The stock cartridge holder / side shell saddle rack attachments would be an awesome addition for faster single round reloads on snipers/shotguns respectively.

However, the stock cartridge holder / side shell saddle doesn't provide an infinite amount of easily accessible rounds, so how would the player 'top-off' / replenish the rounds in the stock cartridge holder / side shell saddle? Should the player be able to replenish the rounds they take from the attachment at all?

If so, perhaps the player could hold down the reload button, this will make the player check the carrying ammo but if you further continue to hold the button during this ammo check animation, you then begin to replenish the stock cartridge holder / side shell saddle rounds one by one from your main carrying ammo? (Edit)Or when your weapon is full, you simply press reload again and it will load one by one to top off the attachment.

Regardless, how would the player replenish the rounds in the stock cartridge holder / side shell saddle, if at all? Nice idea.

I also think the Observer should have to pull out the HQ radio when calling in support. You won't be able to shoot during this time, but you decide when you pull the radio out. Thoughts?

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@sharpeyehodgey Greased bolt makes a huge difference if you happen to know that you can bolt bolt-action rifles manually faster than the default speed (same goes for shotguns). It makes the default speed pretty doable and the Greased Bolt speed an absolute unit.

That being said, there's a bug with the Mosin where using scopes that block the Stripper Clip attachment makes the Greased Bolt stop working properly.

Don't crucify me here but perhaps an aftermarket or straight pull bolt of some sort would be a better name?

I do use such things for airsoft, again I know the action is totally different from a real rifle, however they must be some kind of similar thing. Even if the real life benefits are miniscule they could better justify the increased cycle speed?

Yeah, upgraded components or gunsmithing refinements to make the cycling faster would be more believable IMO.