M870 and the TOZ194 Should have Different Passive Strengths and Weaknesses (Suggestion)

Playing Breacher, there is no real choice of shotguns. Both perform exactly the same with the only difference being the iron sights.

I know that pump shotguns are very similar with each other down to the basics, but I have a couple ideas on how to individualize the two shotguns.

Since the M870 has a solid stock, ADS when shooting should be more stable with follow-up shooting.

Since the TOZ194 has no stock, the weapon should be lighter in weight and faster ADS transition, but follow-up shooting is slightly unstable and recoil is higher.

Base Idea sounds interesting, but I think guns with stock are easier to aim (since when you shoulder it, the sights are already almost alinged) so their ADS is realistically faster than guns without stock. TBH I dont think there is any advantages of having no stock, except it being lighter and smaler.

Shotguns without stocks suck ass. They're only good for breaching doors.

There's no choice at all because they're for different factions...

Would work if the game has more shotguns. Perhaps bring m590 back for security and add a new shotgun for Insurgent?

A 590 would be no different than the 870. We need some semi-auto guns. M-1014 and Saiga 12 come to mind.

How about higher caliber shotguns?

  • Remington 887 -> Security
  • KS-23 -> Insurgent

@cyoce There is a way to get access of both shotguns by playing Co-Op in both factions. That's how I noticed that there is no difference between the two shotguns when using both of them in various matches.

Why I believe the two shotguns should be different is because every weapon in INS:S has at least something different between each faction's weaponry. The differences are either fire-rate, burst-fire ability, pentration, gun modifications, ammo capacity, gun length, recoil, damage, and range; the two shotguns are the only weapons that perform identically with each other.

@zaxuz7 I don't think I said anything about the stock affecting how easy the shotgun is to aim with. Also, you just said the advantages of having no stock, making a gun lighter and smaller in length.

But for the disadvantages, the downsides are to be stronger recoil and harder follow-up shooting.

@maa_bunny I guess that's the point. Also good for home defense in very close-quarters area.

But in my opinion, I personally don't want to shoot any long gun without a stock of any kind.

@ctbear1996 I doubt NWI wants to add more shotguns. I mentioned that when it comes down to the basics, shotguns perform very similarily; with other kinds of shotguns like Semi-Auto and Full-Auto, there's more trouble for NWI to balance them. I feel as though that Semi & Full-Auto shotguns won't pair well with the kind of gunplay NWI is working towards.

@maa_bunny I don't think it's a good idea to introduce Combat Shotguns into a game like INS:S. Gameplay and gunplay is still somewhat slow compared with other FPS games; it's faster than INS's gameplay and gunplay, but still slow.

There are still points in the game's maps where CQC assault is the main fighting method. I can imagine that people will go Breacher automatically to use Semi-Auto shotguns in order to get an easier time fighting CQC. That or if NWI can find a way to balance Semi-Auto shotguns so that they aren't overpowered.

But hey, it's an idea that I don't think anyone in this forum have mentioned. I'll start a topic post about it soon to see what happens.

@bluemouse The M-1014 is the standard shotgun for the US military, it and other semi-auto shotguns are so common now it seems silly not to have them in the game.

The disadvantage of a semi-auto shotgun is still rate of fire and recoil. Even a semi-auto shotgun fires noticeably slower than a rifle or SMG so in close quarters you better make that first shot count.