Commander / observer gameplay in a nutshell

Pick commander
Me: "Hey, can I get an observer down here?"
Me: "Does someone have a radio?"
Me: "I need an observer!"
Nobody is playing observer
Me to chat: "Can someone play observer?"
Team: "No."

Pick observer
Me: "Why are you not calling support?"
Me: "Seriously, we need some fire support."
Me: "Oh, FFS, call in some goddamn fire support already!!"
Commander goes whole game without ever calling support
Commander: "WTF, why was nobody calling support??"
Me: "..."

Starting to get sick of this mechanic if I'm being perfectly honest.

@quadsword It all depends on your teammates. On a Push game on Hideout, we curbed the enemy team because we were coordinated and calling in fire support and the enemy didn't do shit.


....and I think that's the crux of the issue with mechanics like these. They can work well when playing with friends or like-minded folks but with randoms, it can be a crap shoot at best. Perhaps more incentives are needed to encourage solos to play more as a team rather than individuals. .....I dunno. I guess that's one reason I never play PvP games without friends these days.

And the wise man said: "if you want to play the unreleased single player campaign in Insurgency: Sandstorm, just pick the commander class."

Fuck tho if you use it properly. I went against a team that actually used the fuck of it using helicopters to keep us in spawn backed up by continuous artillery and smoke we could move and if you did some nerd with a sks on some hill would nut all over your face from a mile away.

I've vented about the commander/observer mechanic repeatedly on here already. I find it massively stupid and just a copy of doi (which I get is less work but seems kind of lame to me, like let's get something new).

Forcing the commander and observer to be butt buddies relegates the observer to being like a lapdog, just following the commander around, not actually playing the game.

I think for this reason, no one wants to play observer.

Not only is the current system unrealistic (I mean radiomen are a bygone era now), it also only forces two people on the whole team to cooperate, and by cooperate we mean follow around.

I think NWI should sit down and reevaluate the fire support system completely.