spawns and security voices

ok so i have put over 90 hours into beta 2 my concerns are with off line mode spawns which seem to me to far from objectives when i cap a point and have to defend that point and lose the point i often lose it altogether because of the time it takes to get back on point this to me is very frustrating.The other concern is with positional voices why do the security voice overs sound middle eastern this creates in game confusion and in my opinion should be looked at and corrected also bots should make foot step sounds when being sneaky i have often gotten popped by a silent bot who was very close to me .
Thanks for listening keep up the good work fine tune and make sandstorm the game it is meant to be .

Bots do need better footstep sounds, they're waaay too silent ... however I totally disagree with your security voices comment. The security forces in the game aren't Westerners, they're local militia. Except for maybe the advisor, they should absolutely have Arab accents.

If anything, I'd say the insurgents should just speak straight Arabic and the security forces should speak mostly English with some Arabic (like yalla) thrown in.

About the voices:
You can change them in the 'customize' menu.
That you didn't find the tab "voice" in your 90 hrs gameplay amazes me. lol

Actually? Lmao I didn't notice there were options either. I don't blame him, I barely go onto the audio settings, just the video settings.