First of all, I'd like to state that the game is just amazing gameplay wise and I really hope they don't decide to make massive changes to it, as it's just a perfect masterpiece and a huge improvement from the previous game.
But as it's still in the BETA, it isn't 100% perfect and I've got some nice small things which can just do life improvement.

-They should give you more information on contested Zones. Too many times it happened, that I've seen my entire team on the point, one enemy slips past. I see that the point is contested, think - that it's blocked and I don't need to move over there. And suddenly the enemy team has captured the point. When a point is contested, it should say 'CONTESTED, LOSING, CLEARING'.

-Being able to spin around in the customization menu & zoom in in the main menu. - Should be pretty obvious, you can inspect your character more and make better descisions.

-Enable/Disable Show Armor & Gasmask in Customization menu in Main Menu. - That way we can see how our characters look with gear in the multiplayer, giving us a better look on how we'd look on the field.

-More customization System, it's obvious. But what I mainly hope for is Combat Goggles for both factions, masks for Security, and give Insurgents the option to wear a helmet along the Shemegah