You’re kidding right?(that’s immersion?)

Common guys give your head a shake! Why in the absolute hell would I walk into a room(“walk”) silently and very stealthily to capture B in Skirmish being one of only a very small amount of teammates still alive with no reinforcements ONLY TO HAVE MY GUY SCREAM “IM TAKING B” completely blowing my cover? This is just pure stupidity and then what do you think happened next I have three people all pounce on me at the exact same time! There’s a shocker. I know your guys like to yell at teammates when they are close (stupid as well) but I can handle some of it as long as it doesn’t completely blow my cover and on top of that there were no teammates around me there was 2 others alive on my team and they were at a different cap point no where near me. Regardless you want to talk immersion well that totally killed any I had going especially after I so sneakily made my way into the point unnoticed and successfully only to have the game completely ruin it for me to which I shut the game down and stopped playing. Sorry for the novel this really really bothers me and I really hope you guys can address this.

Once you start capping the point the enemy will automatically announce you are, as well as the point marker will blink

@jonsquared That’s fine I know about that but I’m talking about my guy. My character with not any enemy character once again screamed “IM TAKING B” this had nothing to do with the enemy and I know they can see that I entered the cap point but they would have had no idea where I entered from and wouldn’t have all jumped out of their hiding places already looking and shooting in my direction know what I’m sayin? If my character had of remained as silent as he was when I first entered the cap point they would have slowly began to hunt me but that’s not the case. Wish I took a video would have been clear to see that my guy screaming the second I came through the window onto B they all knew exactly where I was!

Automatic VO responses won't be heard by enemy team for the exact same reason as you described in your initial post. This behavior was transferred from Insurgency (Source).

@arc Oh really? I thought they could hear it even in INS source. So what about when your guy calls out that he is reloading can that be heard by enemies just wondering now. If what you are saying is true then that’s great I retract my earlier complaint and appreciate the reply! Game on.

@arc Just so i got that right: automatic voice-lines are NOT audible by the enemies?

If yes: that's bad design. It's confusing and unintuitiv. I've heard A LOT of complains about automatic voice-overs.

Every player should hear/see the same things as other players, at least in competitive. If it's in for "immersion" i get it for casual, but i highly hope this gets changed for competitive.

Is getting hit behind a wall an automatic voice-line? Because it's like a wallhack. You shoot a wall once and if you hear someone scream, and you do, you can just spray him down. Is that a design choice or a bug?

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@arc Is this true? I think I think defiantly heard enemies saying it over the period of playing.

Defending side still can hear the voice of attacking side, i just heard it last game as defending site, im taking B, reloading, etc

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@allandck So my original post sounds accurate and ARC was either lying or misinformed? I’m really trying to get to the bottom of this it’s a tough one!

Not saying ARC is lying I feel he would know better than us but I just want some damn concrete answers lol

Had a similar experience. Lying prone behind an object waiting for an enemy player to pass by so I could get the jump on them. Was going great until my character decided to announce at the top of her lungs "HEY THEYRE TAKING C"
I feel like this is something they should adress.

what would be neat is to turn off the color code blinking while capping and add a character on and off silence bind button so you can turn his voice on or off along with the radio. The trade off would be, that if you have it off you would not be able to hear any of the points being capped or radio transmissions, but you could silence your character in stealthy situations.

@arc I don't think that's correct. In Local Play, I'll hear the last enemy yell "I'm not afraid to die" which typically gets him killed. It's kinda annoying sometimes.

In Ins2014 and DoI you had some kind of base announcer just tell your team that you're capping Bravo. Now that you yell it yourself the enemy can just hear you yell this shit (although they might not hear you yell when you get on an objective).

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@marksmanmax Exactly right, the last game had announcers voice in. When you are capping or alone and you start shouting, it ruins the immersion as well, even if it may not be the case in PvP that other team can hear you.

Edit: Also, I don't see why the new game cannot use the old Mikee voice lines as announcers from the previous game? I mean, they have the same things to say, and Mikee is still in the team, so I don't think it's IP issue either right?

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@io543 Mikee stated that he thinks it adds immersion that a character in-game always yells out the commands and what's actually happening on the field. While I think it makes more sense, it might not be a good idea from a gameplay perspective.

@marksmanmax True, but you only say them when you are AROUND your team mates. I mean, it's procedure to call out you are fixing your weapon when it jams, but you would never say that near an enemy to expose that you don't have a working weapon at the moment. And there are many things in combat you don't exactly do by the field manual.

@io543 Sorry to be a little late; I was ranting about Insurgent pistols for a while lmao.

Something I'd like to add; Your character only uses voice commands when near friendly players. It was a feature in Ins2014 and it made sense. Why would you yell for a teammate to cover you reloading if there isn't a teammate around?

@marksmanmax Hope that is the case. I haven't played much since the last patch, and I admit, I didn't test this out on multiplayer but I can remember on several occasions I found enemies by their voice comms, especially capping or LMS ones. And for bots, I think you can definitely hear them, since I hear them all the time for LMS when in local play.

@io543 Bots do shout a bunch of stuff that's mostly to intimidate you, though, so that's definitely intentional lmao

I’m totally ok with things being yelled out when near teammates and if it’s appropriate like for cover when reloading things that make sense or when being shot. But even suppressed is a bit unnecessary if I’m being shot at but not hit I’m not going to start screaming like an idiot in hopes that the next bullet will find my skull? I hit the dirt and shit my damn mouth maybe breath heavily? Lol just sayin there’s a time and place and yelling that I have just arrived on site to capture enemy territory is not one of them! As far as what can actually be heard and what cannot by enemies in my eyes is still up in the air but I sincerely hope they take a close look at this and do what’s appropriate and for the most part at least relatively realistic. Just think in the heat of battle would you really yell that? For the most part to me it’s common sense I’m trying not to die not draw more attention!!!