Multi-Player Maps Issue

other then the learning curve to get places to download all the new maps. I have started to have this issue where any time I download a new map. latest one being the raush creek map. once I download and move around the files to the game files. I can then no longer play multi player. it gives me a message saying the game files are differant blah blah blah and multi player is no longer available. only map ive been able to keep and play multi on is highcrawl. which was the "simple" levels folder that needs to be copy and pasted.

is there a known issue with this or an I doing something wrong? am I missing something.. adding something I'm not supposed to copy and paste?

and just an fyi. all the maps I have had issue on I can play single player just fine. all the textures are there. nothings wrong with the map...

did that. worked perfectly.. some of the instrcutions were slightly odd but its alright. thanks man