Bifurcate 'Show Contextual Key Hints'

I find navigation-based contexutal key hints (vaulting, breaching, door-opening, etc.) to be unnecessary as the game is intuitive enough that you get great feedback when you see it working. Turning it off really adds to the immersion. However, world/item interaction (resupplying, planting, magazine from dead body pickup, etc.) doesn't operate in the same manner and I would find it useful for the key hints to be present to know progress or even when it is actionable.

My proposition: Create two separate options for Navigational and Interaction under 'Show Contextual Key Hints.' I'm sure one could find better names, but I see no down sides in adding this feature. I am optimistic about your consideration.

This. I turned them off too as they started to get in the way but its also frustrating wen I want to fish that nade of a body or pick up an RPG.

Agreed. It's also very frustrating even when you have the tooltips on, and it won't let you pick up an item even when the prompt is there saying you can.