reload time?

correct me if i am wrong. Does the reload times seem a bit to long?

nope, it's pretty good actually

Yea they're pretty good time-wise, I just feel like the animation is a bit ... lax. The guy's hands don't move with a purpose. If they can get it to look a little smoother without increasing the animation speed it'd be perfect.

Play old insurgency this is fast my dude

@zucchini I played a lot of INS source and I don’t get what people are talking about it wasn’t slow to reload in old insurgency.. And in sandstorm I am running out of ammo way faster and reloading way more often.. In my opinion this could be due to TTK as it seems sometimes it takes half a mag just to drop a guy from 30 feet away if he has heavy armour and especially if I am using a silencer but regardless I never had issues with reloading and or running out of ammo in old insurgency. I can recall on many occasions killing sometimes up to 5-6 people with a AKM with a silencer attachment all with just one mag... So just saying it’s all a tad confusing to me!