toggle the flip up/down magnifying scope

it would be nice to be able toggle red dot, holographic scope etc. between regular and 2x magnification.

This has been mentioned many times. It would be great but it would need to cost more than 2 points. The advantage of having both is too much, at least in versus.

I would like to see security forces get a 1.5x optic though. Since its just about the best all round optic in the game. Perfectly usable in CQC and makes a huge difference at longer engagements. Trijicon make a 1.5x optic the TA45 Seems like a good choice for the security forces. -

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I would love to be able to do this. NWI, please implement.

To be honest, having the ability to toggle the Magnifying x2 Scope would make x1 sights obsolite, but if NWI finds a way to keep a Magnifying x2 Scope a choice than a default choice, then I'm for the idea.

CODMW3 have done this before from what I remember, and I did sort of liked how they balanced the ability by making the ADS slower and more eratic during movement.

The can balance it by maxing the 1x scopes 1 supply point
A non-flipable 2x scope 2 supply points
and then the flipable 2x scope 3 supply points.

@PlPPlN Goodluck trying to get the devs to add a trijicon optic to the security forces. I've been posting on here for the ACOG to be moved to the security side, but 4 patches have passed to no avail. The insurgents have the ACOG that Security should have, it's literally already possible in game, you can use it on co-op on a security weapon, just not in push!

I noticed that too. There is also a secondary sight for most weapons and optics that I really want to use! I mainly want to use the secondary sight on the G36 ISM scope. I like the 4x but I can't use it when reacting to close quarter situations. Happens all the time by the way. The G3 has a secondary sight for it's scope mount as well.

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Couldn't agree more with everything here.

You can mount a magnifier in a standard 30mm mount I believe. 1 point for a holo, 2 points for a fixed mount with a magnifier, 3 for a flip-to-side mount.

And the G36 ISM scope really needs drastically decreasing in cost because it does not stand up to other optic options. You should definitely be able to toggle between the irons atop and the scope itself.