It'd be nice if there was a CETME C on the Insurgent side

To counter the Rifleman's security G3 maybe? Either way i think it would be nice if we could put wood furniture on it.

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Isn't the H&K G3 literally based on the CETME C?

@thehappybub Yuuup. Technically it's exactly a CETME B, initially built under license by H&K and Rhinemetal. H&K would later make the G3A3 variant and call it as their own.

No idea why we'd need both in the game. Unless they add the CETME C2, which is a 9mm SMG 😛

I think @VengefulMosquito is just suggesting that the G3 be made available to the insurgent class, but since that's unrealistic, they should get a "version" of it that would be more accessible to militias or whatever.

@VengefulMosquito The SKS counters the Sec's G3, it just lacks the full auto feature, but the insurgents have the AKM for that (1 point extra but you also get 10 more rounds over the G3). Sec rifleman only get the 1 entry level weapon shooting 7.62 while the insurgents get 2.

Not everything has to be a clear cut one-to-one counter. Apparently the L1A1 is in the game files, so who knows if that will be accessible to ins, sec or both.

I see, nevermind then. I was suggesting it because i saw a few pics of Talibans using it, that and because i'm Spaniard myself.