I'll admit it - after almost 500 hours of Warframe (and more money spent on it than I care to admit... don't judge me) I'm a sucker for character customization in online games. When I found out customization was one of the features planned for Sandstorm, I was immediately a fan.

The current implementation shows great promise, but it needs a lot more fleshing out and for some of its rough edges to be sanded off before I can really say it's a great addition to the game.

The good:
-No micro transactions 😃 (Please keep it that way. If you plan on selling items for money, do it through DLC packs. Premium currency is just annoying and a hassle.)
-Decent amount of items to choose from for each faction.
-Each faction is fairly distinct in terms of appearance.
-Clothing items don't seem to give a huge gameplay advantage which is good. It never feels good to be pigeon holed into a look you don't want just because it's more practical (The armies of bright green Keels roaming the maps of Quake 3 spring to mind).

The bad:
-As has been discussed to death, the rate at which you can acquire credits is simply too low. If we're to believe NWI's statement that 1 hour of gameplay = 100 credits, that means I'd need to play almost 60 hours to get all the stuff I want for my security operator. It also means I have no room to mix it up at all.
-The character models are ugly. As in, they might have been passable in an Xbox 360 game. The hair textures in particular look quite bad, and every character has a perpetual blank-eyed stare that makes them look like mannequins.
-Some of the items have quite bad models. The beret, for instance, the heck is going on with that thing?
-Distribution of rarity and pricing seems arbitrary and annoying. Why do I have to pay almost twice as many credits just to have black or dark gray flight gloves? It feels like I'm being punished for my preference.

Suggestions for improvement:
-Challenge / mission / whatever you want to call it system that rewards credits for completing certain tasks. Maybe even weekly challenge missions?
-More normalized pricing structure for items. I don't feel colors like black or red should arbitrarily be twice as much as other color variants.
-More unique customization items. Maybe uniform patches for security or wristwatches for either faction because experts agree that wearing a wristwatch in a live fire situation increases your survival chances by making you 10 times classier.
(Note: This statistic may be bullshit.)
-Weapon skins. Wait, don't click off the thread yet. I'm not asking for weed camos, anime waifu decals or anything ridiculous like that. Camouflage patterns that are actually seen in the real world (maybe even some exotic / fringe stuff like tiger naval camo) would be cool.
-Cosmetic alterations for certain weapon modifications. I'd love nothing more than to switch out that ugly vertical foregrip that ruins the aesthetics of most weapons with something like a stubby grip or angled foregrip that looks more flush with the weapon. Maybe even some alternate reticule options for electronic sights?
(I thought about having the option of adding an LED kill counter to weapons like what CS:GO does for stat track skins, but maybe this would be too immersion breaking? Maybe make it so the kill counter only updates in between matches so it can't be used as a makeshift kill feed?)

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