What did I just see? Galil ingame?!

So, you know how sometimes when you select your loadout the character and weapon models sometimes glitch and you don’t see what you actually have selected... well what a surprise when this time my insurgent breacher instead of carrying his shotgun was instead sporting a nice Galil!!! The third person model was definitely there but no means of selecting it anywhere... was this an unfortunate sneak peek at some added content we’ll get before the December release?
Maybe the MG class will finally get some new options to play with!

pics or it didn't glitch.

I wish I did get a screen cap, did not even realize what happened! The character model popped up when I was selecting my armor. I first noticed the fact that it didn’t have the headscarf on, and then I noticed the rifle.
You don’t have to believe me, but I know what I saw and it made me excited for what’s to come!

Lots of old guns are in the game file, MP5K, L1A1, Galil, RPK.

That’s what I wanted to go check actually. Would be nice to see them pop up again!

I've seen screenshots of every insurgent in the game t-posing with a galil lmao.