beautiful to plain ugly

beautiful to plain ugly.. the pics show the truth..PLEASE GET RID OF THESE ..U G L Y ..ORANGE LIGHTS0_1537149829870_20180917120039_1.jpg 0_1537149834816_20180917120043_1.jpg 0_1537149836635_20180917120050_1.jpg 0_1537149843755_20180917120010_1.jpg

Are you serious ?
Whats wrong with that orange light ?
The owners of this house seem to like the light color warm and cosy 😉 instead of a cold white light which seems to be your preference.

Who cares about a the light colour of a house in the middle-east ?
You better concentrate on finding real bugs.

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are you seriuos..itd friken so ugly and hurts my eyes.i bet evryone that plays this for an hour or so wonders why there eyes hurt,,this is why . i bet $1,000,000.00..its so bad but outside is very nice

My advice for you then : Don´t stay inside the house longer than necessary 😉

Yeah you're right OP. The lighting in that house is so unnatural.

yeah but you know, that's like, your opinion man

@iggor003 Perhaps those pesky residence of the war torn countries should invest in Florescence lights and LEDs that are more expensive and require standardised power outputs am I right? When will they learn that those are inefficient and ugly...

@io543 I mean, the light should be coming in from outside, though lmao.