Fire support ideas

Fire support is a great concept but has a few flaws and limitations at present. Like the need for interplay between team members but this needs further enhancement.

The observer currently does not observe and is simply a radio man. The obsever should observe and suggest targets for the commander to call in. It would therefore make sense to equip the observer with binoculars to call out targets for the commander. The area effect strikes should be called by the commander from the map using radio and not rely on line of site. Commanders binoculars should be used to highlight enemies and areas to the team for orders.
Allow all team members to suggest fire support. Allow the Observer to call for commander to call in strikes. For targeted attacks equip observer with laser designator which is used to "light up" targets for gun ships or bomb runs.

Fire support and commander orders should form a more important role of the game and help reduce rush and camp gameplay.

I had a similar idea, except the observers got binocs and the commander had to "confirm" the fire support using his tablet/laptop.

0_1537120567673_Insurgency commander tablet.jpg


If something like this is put in place, maybe the commander should be able to do more than just "press OK", otherwise you're replacing "chase the commander" with "push the button".

Maybe there should be some forced interactivity. The observer can only place a generic mark. (Called "Zulu","Xray",etc)
He has to use his mic to tell the commander that he wants an "airstrike on Zulu" or "Just kill those badguys at xray, send something, I don't care".

This isn't Squad, so the dev team should be careful not to add things that require too much cooperation.

Maybe the commander can also activate support abilities. Like insurgent anti-air, which deploys off map AA guns which will shoot down any a-10s that are sent within the next 30 seconds.

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Yep absolutely. l was suggesting the observer gets binoculars, otherwise how is he observing? Needs a bit more dev work to get it tight without over complication.