Capping b from here

When vaulting over this area, it will show you temporarily capping b but not if you just stand here. Also I am having to take screenshots 7 or 8 different time to get it to show me in the proper area on the map. Literally everytime I hit screenshot and try to paste it in, it shows me in some area of the map where I was not...0_1537114982255_cappointb.png

You should also tell what map that is and activate the location overlay when posting pictures of buggy places.

It helps the developers to locate that specific spot faster.
You can activate the location overlay in the Main menu : TAB --> Game, on the bottom --> Section Debug Overlay , check that box on Location Overlay.
That will show x, y and z axis positions in the top left corner of the screenshot. Developers can directly jump to that position and don´t need to search for that spot themselves.

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