Stop busting this game...

As you can see, the competitive mode is dead for over a week. Nobody wants to wait 4-6 minutes to join the game that will not start anyway. The Versus Firefight mode on such large maps is a paradise for campers and the push mode is like CoD / battlefield. As of today, players who are looking for competition in Insurgency Sandstorm do not have their place in this game. When is NWI going to launch a server browser, dedicated servers and a workshop so that we, the players, can customize this game to our needs? This is the only way to play with the 5v5 match.
Stop busting this game. Why do you build a custom games system hosted by NWI? Do you want to delay the premiere again? Basic issues in the game do not work - matchmaking does not work, official servers are lagging, there is no ranking table. Give us simple tools such as workshop, dedicated servers, server browser and native version of linux (client/server) and you will see that the game will start to live.

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I am not completely sure, but I think it will happen when the game will be released.

I have to agree that competitive is suffering from a lack of players wanting to do ranking. Today at 3pm on a Sunday (UK time) there are 0-15 players in competitive. As soon as it drops below 10 or a game finishes it all just empties.

We need to incentivise the competitive with more credits issued and special comp only items. It wont be fixed straight away but I agree we need more customisation and "cool stuff" to get players going. Perhaps the simple parts of the game are causing issues which is holding things back and they dont want to still be fixing things and causing problems for others who are further changing the game?

@jesus-man "when the game will be released" - I have heard this answer many times.
I am afraid that all this is still under construction and no one even NWI knows when all this will be ready.
This is because the NWI changes the priorities in Insurgency Sandstorm every few months.
There was to be a campaign from which they finally resigned, they worked on the console version they gave up.
Now they are setting up for a "custom server system hosted by NWI". All this causes constant delays and frustrations.
Let's see what they currently have in plans:
Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.20 and continue optimizing (engine version changes now ? )
Improve the character models, textures, and animations in the game (ok)
Improve the "scoped" experience for both high and low-quality scope settings (ok)
Improve the level visuals, gameplay and optimization (ok)
Add more cosmetic item (s) to the first person (this can be added after the release)
Expand in-game server options to include a server browser, community-run server support, (ok)
and a custom games system. Reception of our server infrastructure. (this can be added after the release)
Refine the game to the point and has less bugs, glitches, visual inconsistencies and other issues. (ok)

As you can see there is a lack of basic information about the repair of the competitive mode (ranking, penalty system for leaving the match, voting system, matchmaking which does not work - just one player will leave the game before the start and the match is canceled.

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@jigsaw77 Maybe. I am not so good at following their goals. Didnt know they abandoned console port. But i think that, maybe, most people avoid competitive mode cause all the progress is going to get wiped at release and no one cares about it too much?

No one wants to play ranked on a unfinished product. Glitches that can be exposed, frame rate issues, possible balance problems. You can play the ranked mode in the casual server with simply a larger team size. Maybe it’s not how you feel, it does seem a lot of people are crying for things NOW and TODAY while they develop the game. There should be more faith. They have shown commitment to improving the game and developing the best product they can. Many other teams would have released the game today and moved on.

I don't play ranked, because FIREFIGHT is not very entertaining (for me). I hope they spice it up somehow or just take SKIRMISH as ranked mode.

@jesus-man said in Stop busting this game...:

@jigsaw77 Maybe. I am not so good at following their goals. Didnt know they abandoned console port. But i think that, maybe, most people avoid competitive mode cause all the progress is going to get wiped at release and no one cares about it too much?

No idea where he got that from but they didn't "give up" on the console version(s). It will be released next year. There is no firm date yet but it will come.

NWI is very upfront with information and way more so than many other developers. If the OP wants specific answers I would suggest getting involved in the live Q&A sessions NWI holds every 1-2 weeks with Alex and pose your questions. He just hosted one on the 20th with Mikee. I've had a couple questions answered there myself and other concerns I have had addressed simply by viewing past streams (since other folks have asked the same questions).

Follow NWI and Focus on Twitter so you can get news on when the streams are scheduled, etc.

As for changes things like the game engine, the introduction of more items, etc., why not? It makes sense to me especially on the heels of this delay. They baked in enough time into the new release date to accommodate these things that will obviously improve the final product.

Either way, NWI is allowing pre-order customers to play the game in its current form up to the release date. This is not the final product and shouldn't be judged as such. In my mind, it is at least something that people can enjoy until December when the full game is available.

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