Adjustments and Suggestions

So first thing i wanted to touch on is the fact that the M9 is only available to the insurgent team while the security forces get a cheap knock-off version lmao, i think, and i speak for a large portion of the community that they should be swapped!
On another note though, this is a list on guns that i'd like to see added yo the game:

-MK16 also known as the Scar-L
-L96 also known as the AWP
-the completely stock and regular MP5
-MTAR-X also known as the Tavor
-any form of USP

So yeah i know i listed a tone but you don't have to add all of them these are just suggestions
Anyways you guys are doing a great job with the game keep up the good work!

I just want my sterling and mp5k back.