So here is a compilation of features i think would make the game feel really great in the long run, these don’t need to be added yet but it would be really nice to see them get added in.

First of all, body immersion, being able to see your legs. I think the chest portion shouldn’t be added as it might cover enemies while looking completely down, but it would be nice.



Being able to see short rifles, smgs, shotguns held on people’s chests and rocket launchers, sniper rifles, battle rifles in their backs just like in source.


0_1537071207631_Screenshot_11.png 0_1537071216113_Screenshot_12.png

Legs adjusting to the slope accordingly, fixing levitating characters and also adjusting to the ground properly when being prone.


0_1537071275690_20180915211438_1.jpg 0_1537071282027_20180915211430_1.jpg

When prone and your legs being against the wall, your character should either fold his legs or sit layed down on the wall like in the images to accommodate for the space.


0_1537071325247_20180915211426_1.jpg 0_1537071357466_20180911184756_1.jpg

Also i think berets should look like this


Sorry for using too many r6 images, but it pretty much had all the examples i needed.