So first off I would like to start by saying the game is fun. I have made it to rank 30 in the beta but had to leave due to the hurricane hitting the east coast. I have played the previous insurgency extensively and this new game is a much imporved version at least mechanics and graphically.

Where it falls short is the lack of map variety. There are currently no night versions of the three maps. It also only has three maps currently. The game is called sandstorm yet there are no weather effects. Add dynamic sandstorms, fog, sun flare in scopes, snow in mountain areas, and rain on the rare occasions, night and low light areas. Tunnels and caves are a plenty in the real middle east mountain terrain like this game is mimicking yet there are no caves or dark areas at all yet.

The only other issue I have noticed is when you reload by tapping R twice to do a tactical reload and throw away the old mag it reloads an empty magazine into the gun this has happened to me almost every time.

I'm sure most of the custom maps and servers from Insurgency will be created by the mod community and added to the game at a later date. But currently coop only has checkpoint game mode hopefully that will change as well.

The audio in the game is very immersive but they need to clean it up a bit when it comes to hearing footsteps and proper gunshot locating. There are still issues with seeing rounds hitting through walls in buildings but the bullets don't actually penetrate. So they need to make sure that's removed you shouldn't see this if the bullets are hitting the outside of the house not the inside.

In general I think its fairly easy against the enemy AI at the moment. Me and many players enjoy playing on 35 Angry Bot servers brutal difficulty for somewhat of a challenge. The best I have seen server wise is a server called NOOB on Insurgency it spawns enemy's based on a reinforcement timer. So if you don't cap the objective before they respawn they will get another 35 enemies. It adds pressure to your team to keep moving and making progress. It would have been nice for something like this to have made its way into the game sooner rather than waiting for a custom server.

I hope with this delay they can add some additional content and continue to polish this game before release. But with all I've said its still extremely fun and addictive.