Bots suddenly incredibly OP

Before the past 2 patches or so, bots were admittedly pretty bad, and would very rarely be able to kill you, however now they're just far too overpowered, and I have an easier time playing PvP than coop.

For whatever reasons, bots simply pop in out of nowhere in situations, such as just spawning into a corner for literally no reason, or, as seen on crossing at least three times by now, spawn in at your own spawn point, and being able to kill you before your weapon is even ready to fire.
As well as this, the bots are complete killing machines now; I've been sniped by bots with damn pistols, have bots bumrush me without me being able to do anything, and had bots manning machine guns shoot me through walls despite me never peeking towards the machine gunner.

nwi please, whatever the fuck you've done, revert it. Sometimes I just want to warmup or cool down shooting some bots, and it isn't fun when they're locking onto you through walls and appearing right in your face..

No don't revert it. bots are better now! keep improving!

When they're harder than expert bots ever were in ins2 and are able to shoot you through walls, then no, please fix.

Of course they would shoot you through wall because they heard your footstep or gun sound, it happened a lot in PVP as well.
The current BOT is great, hope they don't revert it back.

the instances where I've been shot through walls by bots with machine guns is when they're well over 100m away, when I'm proned inside a house, which is very questionable.

The bots are more challenging now, but I agree with bots loitering around the spawn, either stop that or give a few seconds of imortality to spawning players, so they can at least react.

I have had some shitty luck with bots killing me at spawn as well, once objective is taken, they tend to flee, but not always, some stick around the secured objective, and then anyone in the spawn gets nailed, especially with that reload animation that leaves you somewhat unarmed. I think a decent fix for this would be to either override and force them to flee, even when fired upon, by disarming them similar to how we are disarmed when out of bounds, or improve the location of spawn. Maybe even a combination of the two.

One thing that does annoy the hell out of me about the bots is the amount of times I die by RPG lately... I can understand an rpg when we cluster up, but how do you win rpg on a 1v1 with a bot. I swear 80% of the times I die, it's an RPG, it's super annoying that.

As for the difficulty, as a newcomer to insurgency, i certainly like how tough and punishing it is, especially when you stray from team play, I like that you require the cooperation of your team to cover you when crossing the open or reloading etc, it really goes a long to way enforcing team play, and punishment is quite harsh in the sense that you end up being excluded in that particular round until the next objective becomes available. I like that the bots are punishingly difficult, however I can agree with some aspects that make them somewhat OP, like sniping with a pistol, and knowing your location and shooting through walls at mid to long range, however crouching and walking is a feature best applied for clearing rooms, and not giving away your location, I like that bots can take the initiative to shoot through doors and walls if they hear you on the other side.

That said, my main gripe is how fast paced the game is, which does take away from the more tactical and strategic aspects, and encourages rambo like run and gun game play as seen with battlefield and cod, it's rare to find a game with players trying to play properly, and then the short amount of time one has to take objectives does kill the need to take it slow and strategic, leapfrogging, checking corners and also clearing buildings methodically by crouching and walking. That is my experience in general.

I get that there are folks who like this, perhaps a solution to this might come in the form of casual and hardcore modes. who knows.

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The only thing that is OP bot-wise, suicide bombers. They just show up out of nowhere it seems.