Consistently High Latency

Hey all,

I am experiencing consistently high latency in all game modes at all times of the day. Anyone have some troubleshooting tips I might not have tried?

I live in Scotland, UK and play on Europe.

Latency is around 99-160 with spikes up to 320-360 for seconds at a time which is causing me to relocate/teleport.

It is not affecting my gameplay too much but at CQB conditions I am losing out in trades more than I should and have found plenty of shots coming before players appear.

I do not have latency issues with any other game.

Here's things I have tried:

  • Two different internet connections and its the same.
  • No other programs using internet
  • Only this PC using the net and its wired.
  • Lowered graphics gradually over 5 or 6 games, no effect.

My PC specs:
Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 mobo
I7 8700k (No OC)
Aorus Waterforce 1080ti WB edition
16GB Corsair Ram
Running on a 500GB Samsung SSD

Well, it seems like the problem may have been at my end...

One of my two internet connections now gives me a healthy 50-70 ping and I am asking the other provider (a local line of sight provider) to have a look as one of the engineers is a friend of mine.

Will keep posted if we find what may be the issue and if its related to the game itself.