Sandstorm is unusable in an HDD disk, causing crashes, but sometimes it works.

Hi, I'm really liking Sandstorm, but in my previous laptop, the game ran very badly on the fps side, that laptop has an SSD, so stuttering was minimal and the game loaded very quickly.
Now I bought a new laptop, but with the downside of having a slow HDD, it was an offer, so I preferred that one. The game runs very smoothly, so this drives me to the topic, the game is unusable on an HDD. Loading times are ABYSMAL; the game crashes after loading an online game, making my computer unusable and making me close my session. I tried to load an offline game and the game managed to load but it needed a lot of time to load the textures, it needs around 5secs to load a new texture, so peeking in balconies and looking long distances freezes the game. After a lot of time loading textures, the game manages better on texture streaming size of 400mb (because the 1,2gb was slower), I managed to move the game at 60fps when the textures are fully loaded.
This game needs some sort of thing to load all textures before entering a match or caching them on RAM or something. I'm gonna change this HDD for an SDD, but not anytime soon.
Also, I have some crash logs for the developers reading. But I cannot upload them to the forums.

If a dev is reading this, Best Regards, love your game.

same here, man. totally inexcusable