Take time to load and I can't respawn the first time


In coop vs ia, my pc take longer than other to load, so the first target I can't never play, I have to wait until my team achive the target. It would be nice to respawn even the game is already in course.


I have been seeing this even on versus rush games where a full server will have only 4 players on my team.

My advice would be to shut down any unnecessary programs taking up CPU usage and if you run multiple monitor or windowed, try only one monitor on full screen.

You could always try lowering graphics settings and upping your cache in the graphics options, perhaps this could help you load faster?

My ssd is almost full and the lowest graphics sets but I do have two screens so I'll try to turn one off

I had this problem and went from 16 gigs of RAM to 32. The problem is gone.

I don't understand why those who don't load in to be stuck on the truck being brought in aren't spawned in after the first wave of spawns, it makes zero sense why those with slower systems have to wait right at the start of the game, it's stupid.