Window textures not displaying alpha channel ...problem

Hey, I'm working on some static map models that have window textures with an alpha channel.

What parameter(s) do i need to add to the model .xml to enable window textures to be transparent ingame?

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I added it... and now i get this error message on level load "This material cant be transparent."

Here is the .xml section in the model.



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@joemama, I used this for some flames I made.

		MeshParts="Tat_Loop 2"
		DiffuseMultiplier="g(255; 255; 0) x 2.0"

I think the Blending="additive" is what you need.


I tried that, still not working. same error message.

I'm saving the texture with the alpha channel as a dxt5 ".dds" format.

What format did you save the file as?

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@joemama, Same dxt5. Hmm, not sure then. sorry.

Maybe try using .tga and see if that helps. Also, try taking off the normal map. That may have something to do too. Ya never know.

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I usually save as a DTX3

I've tried every suggestion in this thread and still cannot get alpha channels to show on custom static models...

Any help would be great 😃

did you set the alpha transparency? white on the alpha channel = opaque, black = transparent
also what software are you using?

Here is a pic of the image with the alpha channel. I'm using PS and saving as dxt5 format dds.


i usually use DXT3 .dds and it works... maybe it doesn't work on static models / dynamic objects for whatever reason? you never know with spintires 😃

@joemama, I would try changing the grey to all Black and see how that works. It may not be dark enuf but I know it works because I've done it, like I posted above. Do you have the texture channels set correctly on the model?