Steam Notifications Leading to Fatal Situations

I made a post about this in Alpha or Beta 1 iirc, but moving the Steam notifications to the top right or left would be absolutely required, as right now, at the bottom right corner, you can't see your ammo count when checking or reloading if a notification happens to pop up, leading to potentionally fatal consequences where you can be caught off guard.

@olanov do know that you can set the position in the steam settings, right?

@olanov Yeah, you can just change where the Steam notifications pop up. NWI can't move those; you have to.

Oh thanks! That's helpful, I'll have a look; but to re-iterate, I've used Steam for a long time and I had no clue that even existed & I've seen other games already change the default position of such notifications - take Civilization (iirc), but bunch of other games as well for example.

I think it would be a good call to still change the default location away from the bottom right, for those unsuspecting people like me. More so just because it's not only possible, but convenient.

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Hell, I just went back to Insurgency and for me, the Steam pop-ups showed up on the left side of the screen - not the right as per usual. More reason to do it.

The new Steam UI is different, now you need to open the Friends List, click the gear, and select Notifications. This lets you turn them off altogether, the position seems to be in the old location still.

What jballou said. I'd much rather have it like in Insurgency 2, where it's away from the bottom right side of the screen, contrary to normal. The fact it was in Insurgency 2, goes against MarksmanMax's post implying NWI couldn't change those.