Maps in other parts of the world?

I mean...since there won't be a campaign (at least not on release) , and we have a whole ton of camo that doesn't fit that well in dessert-ish environment, I would love to see some maps in a more vegetated environment

Yea, that would be cool. But it does not have to be a different part of the world. There is plenty of vegetation in some parts of imaginary middle east. 🙂

Next to performance, the variety of maps is my biggest problem with the game. Almost every map feels the same, except maybe "Crossing".
Coming from Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, where every map is in a jungle setting, they have a more memorable map design: one map is a big mountain destroyed by napalm, another has many beautiful rice terraces and another one has a river valley with chain bridges and stuff. Community maps add even more variety.

I would like to see a cemetary of plain wrecks / tanks or a big opium- or mariuana-field or a modern city.

Being new to Insurgency: Will they release a map editor or community maps? I would love to see a monthly map rotation of selected community maps or something like that.