a '?' for modders

would someone allow me to use a 3ds max truck file, to explore and/or "get my feet wet' in the vehicle modding side of things. i have been working with the Editor getting the hang of mapping (My 'flat' maps look awesome). and i've been randomly testing them. i think that having a better grasp on how the XLM information gets translated to game play would be a plus. i tried to get a truck online, they are either over $100, or when i open the free ones, they are just the (shell) visual part of the model, no functional aspects of the model.
i will offer my assurance that any loan of a model, is just that. a loan, not to be shared, or published in any way. (plus when i'm done messing with it, it'll probably never work right)
Thank you for considering my request Rufus

I may be able to help, send me a friend request on steam

@banksys_graffiti .... thank you, and i did.. Rufus