Texture pool size 5gb causes stutter

Hello When i set texture pool size on 5gb i got stutter while playing despite i have a gtx 1080 with 8gb
Hope it Will be fixed because the game looks amazing with max pool size
My specs
Ryzen 5 1600x 4ghz
16gb ram

Thanks For your hard work NWI

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I don't think texture pool size is the same as vram size. It's a variable that probably does "something" on the texture streaming side of the engine, but I found no explanation what it's really doing.

It doesn't stutter if you have 16gb vram.

There is No card with 16gb vram
But i have 16 gb of ram it doesent matter

I just searched the internet and texture streaming pool size has to do with vram so 8 gb or vram should be enough to play on 5gb texture streaming pool size

Oke your right lol didn’t know there was a videocard with 16gb vram but still 8gb should be enough For 5gb pool size

@dutchpowernl It would depend on what other resources are needed and use on the graphics card. Textures are only one type of data stored in vram.

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@kraeyq i know but all the other games i play don’t use more then 4gb vram