I think you guys should look at the effectiveness of each weapon and attachment and swap around the prices to sort of create a sub-balance level where the items are still as effective and good but they cost more.

For example, why would I ever get a shotgun with slugs when I can get a shotgun with flettchetes for the exact same cost? Are flettchetes overpowered? Maybe but thats not the games fault, thats by design. They penetrate armor, fly faster and longer and better than the round-projectile counterparts. The only thing I can see being a real nerf is slightly faster damage dropoff and raising the cost to 3, maybe even 4 points instead of 1.

Ive also heard people say the FAL is rediculous with a compensator, I havent used it myself but it does stand out that it costs so little points. If it really is as good as they say, simply raising the price would even it out pretty well.

Is there anything you think needs to be raised or lowered? Be honest, even if you like how cheap it is, you should be honest about it.